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Genshin impact is an action-playing game with an anime style, released for Android, iOS, PlayStation 4, and Windows in 2020, and on PlayStation 5 in 2021. But there are no plans for an Xbox or Nintendo Switch release. This game also has a gacha mechanic, meaning the player can spend in-game currency in order to earn things like characters and weapons. This game can easily be played solo or with an online collaborative player. It is recommended to create a Mihoyo account so can get access to your game files on different devices. This game also utilizes a party system that uses different characters’ abilities and attacks. 

In this post, you’ll find a complete guide to navigating the world of Teyvat, using the knowledge we’ve gained from many hours.

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  • Increase your Adventure Rank

In the Genshin impact game Adventure Rank(AR) is the level of your account level. As a higher would-be Adventure Rank, the chances of acquiring more Adventure EXP will increase for the next level in the game. You can get Adventure EXP by doing almost many more things in the game, from quests to explore the open world. Other benefits involve unlocking new functions like daily commission and multiplayer and increasing the world level for better loot.

  • World Level

In the Genshin impact game, upon reaching some certain milestone with your Adventure Rank and completing the correlating quest, your world level will also increase. There’s a total of 8 world levels, and by increasing the level of enemies in the open world, bosses and domains become more difficult, thereby making them more challenging.

  • Leveling characters and Ascension

Leveling up of characters can be done by defeating enemies in the open world, from quest and chest in the world, which can take a long time. As you play the game, you’ll gain a character experience book that’s the main source of leveling up characters. Also by increasing the Adventure Rank, you’ll be able to upgrade your weapon and characters in the game, to make them stronger.

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  • Questing

Questing is the story content of the game that gives you great rewards, including Adventure EXP. There’re four main types of quests you’ll encounter in the Genshin impact game. These are Archon quests, story quests, events quests, hangout quests, and world quests. Archon quests build the main storyline of the game, story quests go into some depth of different playable characters to build on the story. While events quests are released during events periods, hangout quests to unlock characters’ quests and world quests found around Tevyat.

  • Weapons and Artifact

Weapons play a major role in the Genshin impact game, which aids the player in fighting to deal with the damage. Five different types of weapons are used in Genshin Impact currently. And each character is able to show off one weapon type. While artifacts are the equipment to wear for characters to boost character’s overall stats and character’s strength even more. Every character can only equip 5 artifacts. The unique categories of these artifact slots are sands, goblets, flowers, and plumes.

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  • Domains

In order to get material and other things, you can easily tackle domains. The domain list used for  this purpose is the following:

  • Domains of Forgery.
  •  Domains of Blessing.
  • Domains of Mastery.
  • Trounce Domains.
  • One-Time Domains.
  • Quest Domains.
  • Event Domains

Trounce domain is the most powerful to re-challenge after completion of the respective Rchon or quest.

  • Use wishes carefully

In the Genshin impact game wishes is the gacha part to earn things like weapons and characters. That help in earning the weapons and character in the game in exchange for premium currency, fates, and primo gems. There is the permanent “standard banner” which has limitations in trying out your luck for getting a character or weapon. Therefore, players have able to do one wish at a time, or rarely 10 wishes at once depending on circumstances.

  • Characters Roles

In Genshin impact game main roles are Main Damage Dealer, Support Damage Dealer, and Support. These characters can play multiple roles in the team, or they might play a mix of two different roles.

Should you rush into this game?

Actually Genshin impact game is with a lot of content. Trying to get the latest version is tough for a player. The recommendation of some people about this is to take their own time to experience it. 


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