How to install MOD apk on android?

The term ‘MOD’ means modified and ‘apk’ is a format used for Android applications. MOD apk is a modified version of android apps with better features that are normally unavailable in original apps. This file format is usually used by Android operating systems for the installation of mobile apps and games on your mobile phone or any other device using android as an operating system. These can also be used to add new features like extra levels to apps that don’t have them built in.

What is MOD apk?

MOD apks are reworked copies of original mobile apps that provide better features as compared to an original application like unlimited money and unlocking all paid features for free. MOD apks are generally not created by original developers, but mod apk enthusiasts, content creators, freelance app developers, and hackers with malicious intent create them. People also search the term hack apk but what they’re looking for is how to install MOD apk file for an application or game. Before downloading a MOD apk file, make sure you are downloading them from a trusted source.

Things to know before installation of MOD apk on Android:

MOD apk is an unverified application that is used to get more beneficial features in the game. This application is popular among Android users but here’re a few things you should know before downloading a MOD apks file from your Android device.

  • MOD apk is not always legal and safe. Many websites claim to provide you with authentic MOD apks but install viruses and malware instead. That can harm your device and damage software irreparably.
  • MOD apk can be found on plenty of websites. But assure the installation from a trusted source that has public reviews on its site. If you’re not sure about that particular website, don’t install it.
  • MOD apps are not edited by their official developers, so intentional harmful code may be included which can spy on your device by making a copy of your important files to their server, inject viruses in your device, etc
  • The Android device is an open-source platform for installation. So there are many MOD apk download sites that offer different types of MODS like games, themes, tools, and apps.

How to install MOD apk on Android?

There are many MOD options out there for Android games, but how to install them? It’s actually soo easy. As always it is recommended that you install mod APK files on emulators instead of your physical Android device. To install MOD apks Just follow these steps:

1- Enable unknown sources in your security settings to install apps from sources other than the Google play store

2- Download the modded apk files to your Android device.

3- Open apk file and download it like any other app. The game will automatically detect it and ask if you want to install it or not.

4- Now enjoy the modded game.

Role of OBB file in the installation of MOD apk:

An OBB file is an additional data file for the app that stores compressed files and folders for an Android application. With the installation of the MOD apk file, an OBB file is automatically downloaded. The OBB file allows running applications without any hassle. To install a  MOD apk on Android, you have to first decompress the OBB file. Then, copy the contents of the decompressed OBB file to your device’s internal storage or SD card.


As MOD apks are a great way to get more functionality and features of mobile apps and games on your Android app. They’re easy to install on your device in no time. But before installation do a Lil bit of research and go for a reputable source. By following the steps mentioned above about how to install MOD apk, you can install them easily on Android. Try to explore all other available options for MOD, and find the one that suits best for your need.

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