Do mod apk files harm my device?

Whenever you download an application, you may notice mod versions of the same application. These both are the same but the mod apk is slightly different from the original ones by certain bypasses or modifications. The main aim of these files is to modify the features of a game. Some of these files can harm your device if it is downloaded from a dodgy website. These fake apk versions will send malware into our devices and even can breach our privacy too.  Mostly mod apk files are safe for Android users and can not run on PC. So if you’ll try to run it on a PC, this can harm your device. 

How do mod apk files harm devices?

Nothing is free in this world till you pay for something. Unfortunately, mod apk files can also harm your device sometimes. That’s because these have malware or some malicious code. That’s why it is recommended to run antivirus software before installing any app. 

How to prevent :

You can take the following precautions to make sure that apk files are not harming your device. 

  • Maintain control over your code

All errors in an app design and code are exploited by mobile malware. Before its vulnerability, cybercriminals get their hands on rogue versions of these popular applications. These versions include dangerous codes, and while people install them from a third-party app store, it subsequently compromises all of their personal information. You should seek out such tools and approaches that aid in identifying security flaws and protect apps from unauthorized activity and manipulation. 

  • End-to-end Encryption 

By saving data in a local database, you can use end-to-end encryption. Encryption takes plain text to cipher text, which is unintelligible. With the use of algorithm-based keys, data is encrypted in a device. If anyone wants to access your device, first obtain the decryption key.

  • Virus Total

One of the best ways to secure the apk files you want to install on your device is via virus total. This site serves as a platform to detect vulnerabilities that are being actively exploited by attackers and what kind of malware is behind them. All you have to do is upload apk files on this site. The only difficulty in using Virus Total is apk files can’t be larger than 120 MB  but it is still useful if the size of apk files is less than this.

  • Hash Droid

This application can help you in securing apk files by checking the hash in these files. Mostly it is used to check the Android ROM before flashing it. By using the secure hashing algorithm, you can find out if the app’s digital fingerprint corresponds to the APK file or not. If it doesn’t match, the apk file is not safe.

  • Install anti-privacy software 

Because of the additional features of mod apks, their intellectual property rights are breached. Downloading the decompiled versions of apks make it illegal. Anti-privacy software like Red points can help you to regain money, in case you have lost in decompiling. Other than that by using artificial intelligence (AI), it can automatically detect and remove IP infringements online 24/7. 


With the technical advancements, mobile platforms’ malware gained complex capabilities. Apps that have been modified or maliciously programmed go to great lengths to appear as authentic as possible. That’s why it is always recommended to verify before installing any software from Google Play Store or any other source. As a precautionary measure,  it is a great idea to look at evaluations from other users as well as the developer’s background information.


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