Download Toca Boca Mod Apk with latest Version 1.45 Toca life world mod apk unlocked all furniture and unlimited money.
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Download the Toca Boca mod apk and Toca life world mod apk with all furniture unlocked with the latest version, 1.45 2022


Games with different ingredients have less quantity on social media. It means that you cannot enjoy the different genres of the game in one application. You have to download or play the game only single category. If you download action games, only action will be provided; nothing other strategies can not be seen in the game. We are introducing a fantastic game that has different other ingredients. You can enjoy simulation games, puzzle games, and sandbox in a single application name Toca Boca mod apk. 

If you love to play such games that offers to build your own city or home Little Big City 2 Apk Mod provides you opportunity to make your home according to your need.

If you want to enjoy the village life must click on the link. Hay Day Mod Apkis the game which will make your day lovely.

Another updated version of Toca life-world is also available on our site. You can download this version, and you will have all features unlocked. There will be no restrictions that can be faced during gameplay. 



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Toca Boca is the best puzzle game for people with children of age ten years. They will play this game to solve different puzzles and explore new things in the world. Toca Boca game will have different locations, characters, and tools which can be used in the game, and these features will enhance the interest of the users in the game. 


Online And Offline Adventures

Many games provide only offline or online entertainment. Toca life world game can be played in both categories. If you don’t have the internet services and want to play your Toc Boca, you can choose the option offline and play the game. 

Many people love to play games online. They like to play games with strange people and make relationships with them. If you are also related to those people, then this game is especially for you. Toca Boca can also be played online. Globally catch your friends and make them part of your game. 

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Explore New Locations 

This game has a simple background theme. You have to make your city, explore new places, and achieve the targets. You have to solve the different puzzles. You have to be assigned a task to explore different locations in the game. When you explore those locations, you can build a shopping mall, shops, saloons, and other glossary shops that will help the people. This game is based on daily routines. You have a car and go to the market to buy different things. You make your world in this game. You will only be the one in the new location. 

Customize Your Characters

You will have a few characters unlocked as you start the Toca Boca game. You have to choose one and play your game. If you don’t like his face or costumes, you can customize it as your choice. You can make the character of your shape. You can adjust the face tune and color of the eyes, and you can also select the gender of your character. You can give the name of your choice as well. This is the feature of the Toca Boca game. I like this feature. 

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Receive Rewards Every Week

Rewards are always given to those players that play well and achieve maximum targets. If you stand in the category of those who played well and solved the entire puzzle of the game, you can also earn gifts from Toca Boca. Every week game will update its new feature with different other targets, missions, and puzzles. You can enjoy any gift every week. These gifts will be related to your game or your characters that help your player in the game or guide him when he gets stuck anywhere. 

Music And Graphics of Download Toca Boca 

Background music and graphics are an essential part of the game. If both features do not have excellent quality, people don’t take an interest, and they don’t want to play such games. This is the best game which has hot graphics with fantastic background music. This music fluctuates as the location changes. 

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How To Download Toca Boca Mod Apk Latest Version 

One of the puzzle categories games doesn’t need any money to download a file. 

Go on the and search with the Toca Boca mod apk. 

As you find your mod click the download button and wait for a minute until the download link is generated. 

When you click on the download link, your program will start downloading. 

After the download has finished, click on the install button. 

Enjoy your game, and your mod has been installed.

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What do you do with the money in Toca Boca?

There are different stores in the game that have different daily routines things. You can buy those things of your need with that money. 

Can a 12-year-old play Toca Boca?

This game is especially for those who are ten years and more. They will get knowledge of how to solve different puzzles in the game. 


One of the best puzzles and most of the parents liked this game. They usually download this game for their children. 

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